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Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil, July 04-07, 2022
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Workshop objective

The primary purpose of the meeting is to have several days of intensive on-the-ground discussions that will help formulate the details of the project and see firsthand how aquaculture is proceeding in Rondônia.

July 04-07, 2022

Golden Plaza Hotel
Porto Velho, RO, Brazil

Balancing Environmental and Nutritional Tradeoffs of Expanding Amazonian Aquaculture: a Computational Sustainability Approach

This project will focus on the emergence of aquaculture in the Amazon, Earth's largest and most diverse river basin. As in other regions, cattle, pigs, and chickens have long been supplemented by capture fisheries in the Amazon, but aquaculture is growing rapidly. Favored by government and multilateral support, Amazon aquaculture is increasingly viewed as a pathway toward a sustainable bioeconomy by increasing the availability of fish, creating new commercial ventures, and providing an alternative to destructive cattle ranching. Yet, the nutritional and environmental consequences of the current pivot toward aquaculture are poorly understood, and its benefits may be exaggerated. We will evaluate the pace and implications of rapid aquaculture growth in two regions of the Amazon, thereby laying the groundwork for devising general rules of thumb for sustainable aquaculture. READ MORE



Specialists in environmental and food production systems from Brazil and USA will attend.

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